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Own Your Worth: Why Women Should Take Control of Their Wealth to Achieve Financial Well Being

Women are extremely valuable to society. Sometimes their value can even be overlooked. For many years, women had no voice. They were bound to the house, and cared for their home, husband needs, and children. Even today, they still have those responsibilities, but now, women are also working outside of the home. They are the nurturer, they set the tone of the home, all while maintaining each duty.

Did you know that seven out of ten men will pass away before the women? Most families aren’t
even protected properly, if at all. They don’t have life insurance, pensions are far and few,
401k’s are volatile, most people have little, to no savings, and the list goes on. With that being
said, what must a woman do to take control of her and her families destiny? She must not leave
it up to anyone but herself, and work with her loved ones to make sure she will be okay.

The educated, and well prepared woman takes advantage of every opportunity to plan in advance. She plans for the worst-case scenario because life does happen. She has a will and trust in place. She has enough life insurance for not only herself, but also for everyone in the home, and even her parents. She has long term care that will pay out if she’s unable to do two of the six day-to-day functions. She has money that she’s paying into on a monthly basis if needed that’s growing and set aside for retirement. She doesn’t leave anything to chance.

Taking control of their wealth to achieve financial well being might even cause her to live below
her means to insure she and her family is protected in the event of an emergency, or life

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