Not Wanting to Adapt to the New Way of SOP

Businesses have completely changed their SOP, or Standard Operations of Produres, and have changed the way we buy goods since COVID-19. Where-ever we go, we are now buying goods with masks on. We’re standing 6 feet apart. There are lines in order to get into stores. Restaurants are shut down, or only offer a drive thru option now. Dining out-doors are available with some restaurants, but some are only offering a limited menu because the companies they used to get supplies from are no longer operating. Facial shields, and gloves are now a part of the workers required uniform. Other stores, like the grocery stores are providing plastic shields used as barriers, wearing masks, and gloves because they know in order to stay in business, according to new laws, they must adapt to change. These procedures are now the new norm.

How are you addressing these changes? Are you still walking around like things aren’t real, like it’s all a scam, political or not? Are you taking safety precautions to insure that you and your family are safe? It would be horrible for someone to not take any precautions and act as though nothing is happening at all. I love the quote, “better safe than sorry.” That’s my approach because I don’t want to be responsible for bringing anything home to my family, or anyone else for that matter.

There are many people who didn’t take the virus seriously and have gotten sick, or worse, died as a result. What I wish would happen, is that people would wear their masks, try not to go out as much unless needed so this will all go away quicker. The reality is, people are frustrated and want life to be how it used to be. However, unless we quickly adapt to the new changes, we may never be able to return to life the way it used to be. I’m optimistic though, that we will be able to. Everyone being on board, and being responsible is what it’ll take. Will you do your part? Wear your mask, sanitize your hands well, and use the same guidelines for your family so we can get back to some sense of normality?

Stay safe, be careful, and make sure you don’t lose hope. Keep in mind, that this too shall pass. It’ll be over before we know it. It will be something that our generation will remember, and will be talking about to our children when they get older. That’ll be an interesting topic, to see what they thought of this as they start to grow up and be more aware. One day we’ll probably look back and laugh at every thought we’ve had about these masks, and the truth under each of them if you know what I mean? We’ll find so much humor in this, or it’ll be a time that we reflect on those we’ve lost, and not laugh at all. Be safe, stay healthy, and keep smiling.

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