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Being a Part of a Team that Pushes You and One that’s not just there

One of the greatest gifts in life is the feeling of belonging to something that you add value to, and also gaining value. Being a part of a team that pushes you creates a bond and a brotherhood that’s not easily broken. You have a sense of pride, and belonging. You’re not talking about one another behind one another’s backs. If an issue arises, you handle it like mature human beings. You look forward to encouraging each other, and you have one another’s backs. Everyone knows to leave you alone because of the closeness you have with one another.

Like a parent with a child learning to crawl, or walk, we as parents know that he or she will walk one day. The parent holds, encourages, and shows the child how to place each leg or foot until they get it. Once they’ve mastered that task, the parent doesn’t leave the child alone. We still make sure throughout the course of his life that he’s okay, and won’t get hurt. That’s what pushing is. Can you imagine leaving your child to figure it out alone? I’m not sure the child would ever figure it out until they perhaps reached adult hood.

When you’re a part of a team, the leader doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself, but inspires you, and reminds you of why you’re there. Sometimes we might be guilty of losing focus because of the trials we’ve had to experience in life. Imagine yourself alone, and stranded on an island. Then imagine yourself on that same island with those whom are your team mates that are there for you. Just envisioning that, I’m sure your state changed. This is how having the right team by your side feels.

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