Vegetable Spiralizer – The kitchen gadget you NEED!!

vegetable spiralizer

Allow me tell you how a vegetable spiralizer has forever transformed my pasta game.  For me, there’s nothing more comforting than slurping down a big plate of saucy noodles, however 10 minutes later there’s nothing more uncomfortable than knowing I probably just consumed over 600 calories of refined carbs. Since adopting a healthier lifestyle, I’ve tried and failed at many alternative pastas. Quinoa, brown rice, and even corn pasta all seem to fall into the same category for me: mushy and hard to cook.  That was until I purchased my first vegetable spiralizer and instantly fell in love!  A spiralizer can turn your favorite vegetables into brightly colored ribbons of healthy,gluten-free “noodles” that can be enjoyed sautéed, boiled, or even my personal favorite, raw! On days I want to enjoy old-fashioned noodles but want to be conscious about my carbs, I spiralize a zucchini into my wheat noodles with sauce, if I wasn’t the chef of this creation I wouldn’t even notice the zucchini was there. If I had a rebellious child who didn’t want to eat veggies, I imagine this would be a sneak tactic I would use on him/her. I also like to use my spiralizer to make low-cal spiraled sweet potato fries, or carrot and cucumber noodles in place of a bed of lettuce to add variety to my salad.  You don’t have to limit yourself to vegetables, you can also spiralize any firm fruit such as jicama, apples, or pears. A spiralizer makes it super easy for anyone to get in their recommended daily allowance of fruit and veggies, it’s almost inexcusable not to.

If there is one kitchen gadget worth spending $15 on, its a vegetable spiralizer.  If you’re really feeling fancy and committed you can splurge and buy an electric counter top spiralizer that will do all the work for you.  For me, I just purchased a hand held “vegetti” from Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99 and it has been holding up just fine. If you have a friend or relative that needs help getting more fresh fruit and veggies into their diet please share this blog post with them!

vegetable spiralizer




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