Feeding your Immune System

Welp, it’s finally winter in Ohio! After an unusually warm December, the temperatures have officially dropped. If you’re like most people, the seasonal drop in temperature often leads to a bad cold, runny nose, sore throat, cough and even exhaustion. For me it never fails, one week into temperatures below 40 degrees and I typically come…read more

The beef behind the Guidelines

The U.S Dietary Guidelines 2015 were released last Thursday and while they will affect the plates of millions of Americans, the general public probably didn’t receive the memo. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t “hidden” somewhere only the healthy elite can find them. They are publicly available here, and they are used to decide the…read more

5 Simple Steps to Jump Start your Health without Changing your Diet!

Beginning your personal journey to better health can be intimidating and overwhelming with all the information and advice (good and bad) available out there.  Sometimes we get stuck focusing too much on restrictive diets and  intense work out plans that we completely overlook the simpler,smaller changes we could implement that would really help us to reach…read more

Autumn Quinoa Stuffed Squash

The displays of brightly colored squash have been catching my eye at the grocery store since they first started debuting in early September. On my last trip to the grocery I was finally brave enough to take home an acorn squash and a couple of the more familiar butternuts. As much as I love the…read more

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