4 Ingredient Vegan Buckeyes

In honor of my recent move to Columbus, Ohio, I find it only fitting to share my super easy recipe for vegan Buckeyes! I came up with the idea to make a healthier version of the traditional recipe for a health coaching client of mine. He expressed to me buckeyes were his weakness and during…read more

Autumn Quinoa Stuffed Squash

The displays of brightly colored squash have been catching my eye at the grocery store since they first started debuting in early September. On my last trip to the grocery I was finally brave enough to take home an acorn squash and a couple of the more familiar butternuts. As much as I love the…read more

Friday Fall Favorites

Holy smokes, we’re two weeks into October?! When and how did that happen? I swear it was just summer and I was enjoying patio hopping in my crop top and sipping on citrus flavored beers and drinks. Ah well, I will embrace fall, if not for the pumpkin and apple spiced everything, than for the…read more

Meatless Monday: Vegan Root Vegetable Soup

Last week I became ill with an unfortunate gastrointestinal viral infection that made it pretty much impossible to eat anything but bland soups and crackers. I will spare you the details, but for a self proclaimed foodie such as me, sticking to a “bland” diet is torture. Minimal food meant minimal energy, and although I…read more

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