The beef behind the Guidelines

The U.S Dietary Guidelines 2015 were released last Thursday and while they will affect the plates of millions of Americans, the general public probably didn’t receive the memo. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t “hidden” somewhere only the healthy elite can find them. They are publicly available here, and they are used to decide the…read more

5 Simple Steps to Jump Start your Health without Changing your Diet!

Beginning your personal journey to better health can be intimidating and overwhelming with all the information and advice (good and bad) available out there. ¬†Sometimes we get stuck focusing too much on restrictive diets and ¬†intense work out plans that we completely overlook the simpler,smaller¬†changes we could implement that would really help us to reach…read more

In an open relationship with: Meat

On Monday, the World Health Organization released a report that caused quite the stir. In fact, its probably the only time I’ve seen a health related article shared that many times between my Facebook friends. According to the WHO, eating processed meat such as sausages and hot dogs causes cancer, while unprocessed red meat may…read more

Smart Swaps for weight loss.

One of the most frustrating things about trying to lose weight, is sometimes having to give up your favorite foods. Diets based on restrictions don’t always have lasting effects because once the diet ends you find yourself binging on the foods you so dearly missed. Here at The Alex Rose, we always recommend making adjustments…read more

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