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We met somewhere in between the pitchers of beer and extra-large pizzas that make up the average college-student diet. Both coming from small Ohio towns where the normal unhealthy cuisine is as vital of a cultural mainstay as football, our nutritional knowledge was lacking, at best… And a college atmosphere was not the place to become better informed on this subject.

After finishing our degrees with our friendship intact, we parted ways to begin working in the “real world” which we had heard so much about. We continued with office jobs for a few years, but would continuously have lengthy phone conversations where we envisioned working together to improve the world around us.

During this time, we learned firsthand the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices because of the unfortunate health problems of some family and friends closest to our hearts. We decided we would work to help and to educate others struggling with health related issues if only to bring awareness towards the causes of sometimes completely avoidable pain. After researching nutritional programs, we settled on attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, having identified with the institute’s mission to create a ripple effect to transform the world through health coaching. We received our Health Coach certifications in the summer of 2014 and began planning The Alex Rose.

Our goal is simple: we aim to assist you in living a healthier and happier life through a holistic approach of health coaching and blogging that is conscious of one’s overwhelming schedule, tight budget, and thirst for fun. We hope to teach our readers new things, inspire them to try something different, and offer motivation and support.  From clean-eating recipes to sharing our latest travel adventures, we are sure there is a place for every woman at Thealexrose.com



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